Ethically made tees

Cotton grown and milled in Uganda 
Sewn in Kenya
Decorated in Australia

Every shirt has a story

We want your shirt’s story to be a good one.

At Empower Collection, our vision is for a world where everyone’s clothing is free from the stains of exploitation.

Where the resources that are used in its manufacture do not erode the environment. Where the many hands that spin, sew and stitch are given fair wages to feed their families. And where those that wear are connected with those who make.

This is the dream we aspire for. This is the dream we have made our own.

Be proud to wear

CmiA is an Aid by Trade organisation committed to raising the standard of living for cotton farmers in Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa is currently the fifth largest cotton exporter worldwide, with 3.4 million smallholder farmers in the region. Cotton thus plays a key role in fighting poverty for African communities and is a major contributor to food security.

CmiA educates farmers about efficient and encironmentally-friendly cultivation methods and provides them with opportunities to sell their product via CmiA's international alliance of textiles companies. With this knowledge, farmers can achieve higher yields and better quality cotton, leading to better prices and impoved incomes. Alliance members pay to use the licensing fee, with proceeds reinvested in CmiA's education compaigns.

CmiA provides independent auditing of garmers and certified facilities to ensure compliance with its core principles of ethical work practices and environmental sustainability.
Be Slavery Free (formerly Stop the Traffik) is an Australian registered Not-for-Profit that proactively works with iinternational supply chains and governments to eliminate human trafficking and exploitation.

Whilst the supply chain used to make our shirts is free from human traffiking, unfortunately many garment supply chains don't have the checks and balances in place to offer similar guarantees.

At Empower Collection, we are committed to fighting the spread of modern slavery in the global garment industry, which is why a portion of every shirt sold is donated to Stop the Traffik to help end the injustice of human trafficking.
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